by Sir John Anderson. Bart.


I AM very pleased to have the opportunity of writing the foreword for this volume, which gives a vivid and picturesque picture of life in the Spiritual spheres, experienced by those who have lived their earth life in accordance with the Divine law. This also confirms what I have found to be true, during my investigations with regard to the philosophy of thought.


This will reassure those who are now living a life of Good purpose, and encourage others to change their wave-length of thought, and so avoid their entry into the dark spheres of the Spirit World, as a consequence of their acceptance of the Evil vibrations on earth, which have brought so much tribulation to this world.


Thought is the creative force of the universe, as our every action is the result of thought, for Good or Evil. As we pass through this earth life, we build our inheritance in the World of Spirit, which will be no more and no less than the reflection of the quality of our thought desire here.


Cause and effect is an immutable universal law. Man is a free agent to act in accordance with his freewill of thought. What happens to the soul when it enters the World of Spirit, is the result of the selective choice of the Ego on earth. The punishment for Evil is the remorse of the immortal soul, inflicted entirely by the personal reaction of the individual conscience.


In the past, the responsibilities of life and the consequences of individual action, have been obscure to the mass mind of humanity. For this reason, the orthodox religions have failed to establish the peace of the world as envisaged by the Great Master.


Civilization is at the parting of the ways, and it is to be hoped that more informative literature, such as this, will be forthcoming, to enable the Spiritual regeneration of the world to proceed, so that Peace and Harmony may reign supreme!