The Word and the Way
XIV. Of the Presence of All Light


This book does not put away the past; it reveals truths ever present, and points the way on which all men may advance, and in time will advance.


Of  the thousands of millions on the earth and in the lower heavens how few are ready to receive this book?  Yet these words are written for them.  They are as children who rise before the dawn while others are sleeping that they may look upon the rising sun.  They are those who long to live and strive to live constantly recollected in the presence of All Light, in the presence of the Father.


They are those who discern His hand upon them, shaping their ways; who know His love sustaining them; who see His wisdom directing them, by His voice within their souls, through the presence of His holy ones of Organic realms of light, and through all things around them in motion. 


They are those who know the place of peace, the still centre of the soul in which the Father speaks to all who will hear.  They are those who in the multitudinous ways of life have proved their power in Him and have learned to know His power in them growing greater and greater with each step forward in their growth.


They are those who strive constantly to attain purity of being in response to All Light: purity, not as man conceives it as simple abstinence from the sexual act, for in this day men and women who are pure in spirit are among the Father's chosen vessels for bringing into being heirs responsive to His Organic light; purity rather to be conceived as a polarization of a man's being, so that it is in growing measure attuned to All Light, at one with All Light.


Such as these heed no voice save the Father's Voice; for them there is no word with power save His Word.  Living in the light of His presence they are filled with joy, as the sunlight dances on the water; joy which neither pain, nor sorrow, nor trial can shake.  Thus to those in sorrow or in trial they are as a refuge and a strength, able to comfort, able to heal, because their words have power, being from the Father.


They are not withdrawn from the world.  They live in the world and they serve in the world.  They are known for their balance, for their integrity, for their capacity unfailingly to do all things well, which are entrusted to their keeping.


They shun fame and applause among men.  They are hidden away.  Yet all who know them, love them and desire their presence because of the love and the wisdom, the light and the joy, which shine through them, and because their thoughts are ever for others rather than for themselves.


They are those whose feet walk the earth and, above all men's, are most surely planted, but whose home, the base from which they live, is in the Organic realms above.


It is for those who desire to join and work and build, without thought of self, in the company on earth of such as these, that these words are written, for they are the incentive by which man on earth may work as a volunteer, albeit only as a child yet, with the great hosts and companies of everlasting light.


Note well the discipline involved: freedom from self; faith in the One All Light alone; love for the One All Light above all else; power to control and direct thought always from the base of love, to use power only from the base of love.


It cannot be expected that man in this day shall have attained to these; it is enough that he shall have chosen them as his goal above all else, and desires and wills with all his strength to advance towards them.


Such a man seeks not the light and its power, nor seeks he the Voice with its wisdom, for any purpose of his own.  He seeks them only that he may grow more serviceable as the Father's son, revealing His presence in him with growing clarity and power.


It has been said that in this day such men are few on earth compared with the thousands of millions who find in the earth and its goals, and in the satisfaction of their desires, all that they ask of the fullness of life.  These will travel towards the same truths in their own way and time.


Nonetheless, though few, those of whom these words are spoken are not weak, nor useless, nor isolated, nor alone.  They are one with millions beyond millions of beings high raised, now long-risen in the light.  With these companies and hosts of the Most High they are privileged to work, and the power of these hosts is, in measure, their power also, and they have their share in what these hosts accomplish in the heavens and on earth.  Nor is their share small, for it is their task as corporeans to hold the great Organic lines of light on the floor of the earth, standing in this as the mortal terminals of that higher power; at first symbolic workers only, but, growth comes, workers and builders with knowledge and with power, even the power of All Light in them--for the Father does all.


The way to work of such an order, within the conjoint Organic companies of heaven and earth, is not hidden away where none may find it.  Let the seeker cease not from seeking.  In the right time he shall be led to a door, beyond which the path of his fulfilment begins.  There he shall find that the voices of the unreal have no power, that personalities have no place, that limitations laboured under are lightened, and that the service of the One All Light does indeed come first and last.