The Word and the Way
XII. Of the Service of All Light


The service of All Light is to lift up others towards the Father, the One All Light.


To reveal to man the Word; the revelation to man of the universe of all being, within which the Father, the All One, the All Person, stands as the centre and the circumference of all things, indivisible yet boundless, everywhere present, doing by virtue of His presence, the Life within all the living; Whole presence revealed to man and angel is the Standard of All Truth; to know Whom is to know all things, the consciousness of man and angel thus expanding in new discovery without limit forever.


To show others the Way, the path that leads upward, and to reveal the disciplines required by those who would travel upon it.


To do this, not in words merely, but in example also, in the life lived, in all that is thought, spoken and done.


To aid man to attain to the strength that will carry him upward on the path of overcoming, through ability, growing step by step, to rule over his thoughts that they may be creative within him, overcoming and transmuting all limitations as the will to do so is put forth.


To reveal the true meaning of love, when it is turned outward from the self: towards All Light and to all the Father's living creatures, and to men and women in particular, whether weak or strong, good or ban, without distinction of race, creed, country, caste or colour.


To aid others to establish within their beings the place of silence, of stillness, the place of peace in which, in each living soul, the All Light may shine and His voice speak.


To do all these things without abridging the liberty of others, without assuming responsibility for their decisions, without seeking to proselytise or convert them, yet to awake in others the desire to rise in knowledge of the Father and of His presence in them, so that it becomes in time greater than all other desires.  And, with this, to awaken the will without which no man can overcome the obstacles on the path and the voices that would turn him aside.


To do all these things, not in words merely but in example also, yet knowing how to use words that they may be potent to quicken and to inspire, and how to reveal example in such a way that its speech may be without confusion and with power.


To stand in this as a beacon light illumined by All Light, revealing the Father and pointing the way to Him.


In all countries, in all nations and races, among those within all religions or with none, shall be found many who express, according to their measure in the service of All Light, such attributes as these.  They may not stand in high places nor be known to the multitude, but they are known in high heaven, for they stand like stars.  They are not found in the places of power nor at the head of mortal affairs, yet they do not stand alone, for they are one within the living tree of All Light on earth.  They may seem isolated and apart, yet they are, in truth, of the Brotherhood of All Light, and when they meet they meet as brothers who recognise and know one another.  The pathway of their travel, of the redemptive heritage, which was theirs at birth, may have carried them through this religion or that, this group or that, so that they appear to be within them.  Yet in truth, these are but as gardens in which they have lived and laboured for a time, to pass beyond their limitations, which no longer have power to hide from them the Real, the One All Light.


Were the religions and the sects and the groups of one kind or another, which claim to show man the way that leads to All Light, of the same grade as such men as these, all that is within their doctrines, their creeds, their catechisms and their clauses which divides one from another, dividing man from man, would quickly be cast aside.


Among that which was thus cast aside would be the worshipful names of prophets, saviours, and teachers claiming exclusive revelations as the sole road to All Light.  These would be discarded, swept aside because of their divisive power, thus made plain to those who had attained to know the meaning of All Light and who discerned in consequence the essential unity between all His children, and who desire above all things to give it reality.


Such would indeed be an ecumenical movement of the whole world.  Such a movement lies within the power of men to make, when they have attained the desire to make it, and every step forward in such a direction is to be valued, since it reveals a quickened understand of the true harmony of being.


Nonetheless, those who consider that it requires but a few words for these divisive matters to be swept away, do not understand the nature and the diversity of man, or the power of the thought-forces over the generations of mankind built up through the centuries.  Nor do they understand the nature of the bondage thus established, or of the redemptive effort required on the part of those who were responsible in the past for building these spiritual empires.


For so long as men desire to enter these spiritual edifices, and to keep them exclusive against the claims of all others, they must continue to exist and to be thus defended, until the time comes when a greater light prevails; until their power to attract is outworn, and there are no longer those who desire to entrust their spiritual lives to them.


Those in high places in such religions, sects or spiritual groups claiming exclusive revelations of reality and of all truth at variance with those of others, would, were they wiser, be glad when they see their adherents falling from them and the supply of new adherents falling away.  For by that they would know that the bondage of the past is losing its power over men; that their own responsibilities are drawing to an end, leaving them free to seek the Place of Everlasting Light, in which divisions and distinctions, such as they were led to maintain before, no longer have meaning.


Today there are millions throughout the world, both young and old, who are finding the religions of their forefathers too small for them.  They can no longer believe in the reality of the claims that are made.  They become impatient with the divisions, which divide man from man, and they desire to find a new way of life, which will transcend past divisions.  They observe that the foundations of the past are no longer tenable; that they have been discredited even by man's own advancing discoveries, as well as by the flowing tide of inspiration directed constantly to all men from the Organic realms of being.


Such men fall within two classes: of the first class are those who welcome their freedom from their spiritual pasts in order to follow freely the path of materialism, of intellect and reason triumphant, of man himself as his own all highest; of the second class are those who are true spiritual seekers.  They desire to find, to build, a new brotherhood on earth founded upon the realities of the spirit.  Such a brotherhood could be called in truth the Brotherhood of the One All Light.  Such a brotherhood awaits only the coming together of those who truly desire to establish and build it.  The way is open to them now, and none holds them back.  Nonetheless, the first step is to know that such a possibility exists.  It is part of the purpose of this book to reveal that it is so.


Man on earth is not capable now, nor has he ever been capable in time past, of creating, of and by himself, a new religion.  All the religions and spiritual groups upon earth, including the various sects within them, have been the result of inspiration from atmospherean realms, the lower heavens of the earth.  From these have come the impulses, which have called men together in great numbers.  From these have come also the companies of those who, one time mortals, now dwellers in atmospherea, in the first resurrection heaven, inspire their mortal converts with energy and power.


So also, but from a source of a very different order, comes, and shall continue to come, the inspiration required to give reality to the Brotherhood of the One All Light on earth.


Such inspiration is already powerful, for great numbers are responding to it, though as yet they know not whence it comes.  It comes, in fact, from the heavens of the second resurrection, from the Organic realms, in which no division exists, nor can exist, founded upon race, or colour, or creed, or any allegiance whatsoever that has or had its place among men on earth or dwellers within the lower heavens of the first resurrection.


In the Organic realms of being, the allegiance of all is to the Supreme Being, the Father, the One All Light alone.  Faith in Him alone rules in each one.  His voice within the soul, and in the great Organic companies of heaven, directs all with the light of His presence, inspiring and illumining all that is undertaken.  In a realm of such an order it will be understood that all that is done is from the base of love, and that harmony is a ruling condition.


It follows then, that those who would aspire to become, while on earth, members within a Brotherhood of the One All Light, or under any other name of similar tenor and meaning, shall first attain within themselves the sincere desire to match the requirements in however small and embryonic a degree, of the Organic realm of being.  For only thus could such a brotherhood be held free of conflict from within, and become a true vessel in the service of All Light.


Such brotherhoods are even now in existence on earth, although as yet but small and few.  In time they will grow. Those who sincerely desire to find them, and will seek without ceasing, in faith in the Father, can rest assured that, at the right time, they will be led to such centres of His service, where identification with the Organic realms of being can take place.


Such identification will require three things of him who seeks it, and three things only; a readiness to lay aside and abjure allegiance to all gods, lords, saviours, teachers, prophets or powers which stand between man on earth and the Father, the Supreme Being; a true desire to affirm allegiance to the Supreme Being, the Supreme Creator, the One All Light, under whatever name or tongue applies in that place; sincerity of purpose and the will to follow the Way, the upward path, in the service of All Light, first and last.


Such is the doorway through which the seeker enters who desires to affiliate and work with the Organic realms of being while still in mortal form.  Observe in this that within such an order no allegiance whatever is or should be demanded or given to any but the One All Light alone, whose voice and presence within the individual soul remain supreme.  Where such conditions are not freely met, let the seeker beware lest that which he desires to enter prove not to be a true brotherhood of the One All Light, sustained by the Organic realm of being.


In all ages and in all lands, in every religion, whether sustained from the Organic realm of being or from the realms below, the same requirement has held good; that conditions have been established by means of which mortals on earth may unite with those in the unseen realms above. The means by which such conditions are established are known as rites.  In the case of those of an Organic order, they could be known as rites of the One All Light, or by any other name of similar tenor.


Whether devised and sustained by the Organic realm of being or from realms below, the function of such rites is ever the same.  It is to create a bridge between those on earth and those above, under due safeguards, and with sufficient power, so that the two may work in concert for the furtherance of that spiritual order.


In the case of rites thus held under the name and symbol of the One All Light however known, the purposes are manifold.  One such purpose is to teach and sustain mortals so that they may the more surely travel and unfold upon the upward path.  Another purpose may be to unfold and direct, under right conditions, the development of their spiritual beings in capacity to receive inspiration, to distinguish the real from the unreal, and thus to travel upward on the path of overcoming.  Another purpose may be to heal; another to establish conditions of such purity within and about the place of assembly that all that is of darkness may have no place or power within it.  Yet another purpose may be the building and projection of thought-impulses of a most potent order, directed to the illumination of darkness and the dissipation of bondage and error.


Beyond this it is no part of the purpose of this book to speak.  Rest assured that further functions associated with rites of the One All Light are of orders far tanscending the imagination of mortal man, even though he may have grown capable of taking his place--his indispensable place--as a mortal in a Lodge of All Light upon the floor of earth.


By means such as these, those who enter, as mortals, the second resurrection realm of being are enabled to take their places upon lines of service to the One All Light which are powerful indeed.  Those who desire to undertake such labour, and are willing and stable in their acceptance and fulfilment of the covenants exacted, become, in truth, workers and builders in the service of All Light.  No longer are their lives their own, for, of their own free will and desire above all else, they have placed themselves in the service of the Father for the elevation of all men.